crazy car driver 3D : platform


Crazy Car driver 3d : Platform gives you the most exciting and entertaining game play in any other car driving or parking simulator 2015. if you love driving off road then do not wait and download this car driving game for free. you will find best and realistic car controls and real car physics. there are variety of challenging levels that will keep you playing for hours. driving this car simulator over the wooden platforms will be a unique experience.

Platform car parking is a 3d platform climbing and challenging game for racing game lovers, a new style of hill climbing racing games. Today everyone loves playing racing, climbing, drifting, jumping and stunts games, but this crazy car platform driver race is different than all other uphill, climbing or stunts driver games. this off-road platform climbing game is not a hill climbing game, rather you have to climb up to zigzag wooden platforms and park your crazy turbo car to the summit of platforms. this extremely fast turbo car will make you crazy if you do not have enough professional driver skills to control the speed. you need not to run on the ground and drift or even jumping over the roofs.

drive carefully on zig-zag platform. Rolling camera will show you the difficulty at the beginning of each level.

HD stunning graphics with function of reverse gear.
realistic Engine Sound with an amazing 3d off-road Zig Zag environment.
Improve your simulation skills in multiple levels.

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Police Car Roof Stunts Rush

**Experience the thrill and adventure now **
Drive your crazy police car in an old city where you do not need highways. jump over the rooftops and bounce your police car in the mysterious terrain. you will find wildly addiction and fun in this police car game. massive and huge jumps, hanging ramps and tracks are waiting for your crazy stunts.

This police car roof stunts simulation game is an adventure based free game, this game simulate racing, climbing and stunts of the police car, This cop car is having amazing smooth control that makes the stunts more realistic ever seen in any other police car simulator or a cop car stunt game. Being a cop car driver you are not going for a police chase or catching theives or robbers, but you will race and jump on building roofs to get maximum score points.

This free simulator is based on adventure, challenges, climbing, racing and stunts. It’s not the hill climbing game but a roof jump and parking sequences. Be a stunt cop car driver on off-road zigzag ramps with police car on beautiful city roofs where you have to jump and park your crazy police vehicle on building roof.

There are huge jumps, mid-air ramps and stylish 3d tracks are available for crazy bounce & car stunts.Multiple unique police cars, big police SUVs’ and 4×4 vehicles are available for stunts & jumping.

Avoid all obstacles and park accurately on rooftop and get all stars and increase your simulation skills. Smart flashing arrows will direct you to the ending targets. 15+ levels will make you addicted. Download free and enjoy the police car stunt game.

Realistic driving experience with reverse gear function.
Super & stunning HD graphics and realistic 3d control.
Amazing engine sound and off-road ZigZag, bouncy and real roof climbing environment.

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Commando Crime Chase

** Get ready to experience the fighiting of commando in Commando crime chase **
commando crime chase, Bring the power of gaming to your android devices with this revolutionary fighting and chasing game. with the single warrior commando prove yourself as great fighter against crime by chasing and killing criminals .

Challenge your friends
Download this stunning 3D game and share your experience with your friends. kill criminals to earn more and rank higher among your friends.

Commandos are the best and elite army guys there are and they can be trusted to protect your integrity, your homeland and they uphold the law. Commando Release Operation is the saga of such Commando who has vowed to protect and serve his nation in times of crises and threat. The threat is imminent now as a terrorist group has kidnapped many important citizen of the community including doctors, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and scientist etc. they have also hijacked a building in a secluded area which is their base of operations.
Any time such a crises took place this Commando is called for duty and he does what he does best eliminate the threat and neutralize the situation. In this Commando Release Operation you will be simulating such commando and will infiltrate the compound of insurgents and terrorists and rescue hostages one by one. Don’t let these innocents die on your watch. Keep them safe and eliminate all the evil that has befallen on your homeland.
Your mission is as simple as eliminating the terrorists and rescue captives and hostages from their imprisonment.The mission is critical in a sense that if your team enter head on and try to take the compound the insurgents will kill all the hostages as they believe they are martyrs and their doings are just.

in-app purchase
Earn more to unlock new guns and weapons.

• Stimulating Missions
• Unlimited in arsenal
• Infraredmap for guideline
• 3D splendid graphics
• Simple controls- easy to play
• Addictive and Realistic gameplay
• Striking sound effects

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