Derby Action Horse Race

Hold yourself to one of the high realistic 3D western horse eventing racing games which is one of the classic equestrian sport and horse derby racing. So saddle up your stud and take your pedigree chassis racehorse for a gallop on the turf in the sport of king’s favorite equestrian sport and backfire! Play as a perfect jockey taking full control of your racing horse on the surface of the grand racecourse in this new released dressage horse racing games of horse derby racing category. HORSE RACE DERBY ACTION is actually going to vim up your inner jockey racer to show your passion required in horse derby games.

Play as pro jockey and enjoy riding cavalier horseback on treacherous hedges bumpy rocky tracks. Derby Horse Race is virtual racing game with Arabian Stallion horses on the bumpy mountain landscape. Feel like classic era when cowboys use to train horses in for farming, sheriff and other stuff. As rodeo you have to control this beautiful equitation stallion, saddle up to reach over mountain hills jumping horses over all hurdles.

Derby horse racing ecstasy begins with picking out the horse with rider that is suited for you. You have choice of three different looking horses to choose from selection menu. So buckleup go ahead and race your horse from haven farm to the finish line thorugh ranch and became a great horse racing champion. Compete your contestant horse in different horse racing events. Pick the maximal energy booster to speed up your horse to increase closeness and win from your opponent. Being a perfect jockey you need to manage the speed and stamina of your horse in order to shift and win the race. Keep following the race track and remember not to lower your running speed. Derby wild horse racing adventure is an exciting and challenging competition game particularly for youngsters who want to improve their horse racing skills and have the chance to enter a world full of horse racing,jumping and riding events . So play something different from a simple horse simulator. Your horse is professionally trained and same is for you so let’s ride to reach a milestone.

Horse derby racing is one of the best 3D horse racing games with rein horse derby games fun for everyone. Enjoy the stunning Scirocco colt Horse freeride tour of a realistic horse racing simulator and share the experience with your friends. If you are crazy about the jokey who runs the pro volk horse gallops for several yards then this equestrian sport game is your best choice. You might have enjoyed the revolutionary flatout horse simulator games,highway pony pet world,zoo tycoon,farming discomfort games,horse jumping games and piebald horseback trial landau riding games,mare straw soviet horse,percheron horse or standardbred saturn but Palomino Canter HORSE RACE DERBY ACTION game will give you real frisson in rival trot racehorse stallion derby action.

Derby Action Horse Race Features:

• 10 splendid challenging levels to play in 3D simulator game
• Realistic horse animation for running, walking and jumping
• Smooth on screen controls to steer dark horse.
• HD graphics with amazing sounds to enhance your gaming experience

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Wild Angry Cheetah Simulator

Wild Angry Cheetah Simulator

Wild Angry cheetah Simulator game is amazing 3D wild attack cheetah simulator game for boys and girls among other 3d wild attack and revenge simulator games. You must have played many hungry and angry white or blue sharks, tiger and other wild mammal games mammal attack games, but this 3d wild angry cheetah attack simulator game is unique in its game play. cheetahs are the most deadly and fastest aquatic creature and predator of wild life. This deadliest wild gigantic creature is always hungry for eating more meat, goat, human, deer, boar, bull, rhinos or wildlife animals it can get. Hungry cheetahs are very popular for deadliest bite and hunger attitude, fast running, sharp teeth and mighty jaws attack. They even attacks on other mini cubs and small animals, cheetah, Hammerhead, Mako, humpback, beer and Bull. An angry cheetah dash air attack can finish you with single deadly bite or with Paw attack. Feel the real challenge of hunting down your prey in this wild cheetah game or cheetah adventure 3d sim.
Play as crazy angry cheetah forest or jungle hunter; your task is to attack on the small pets like goat, dogs and birds in the city acting as wild terrorizes carnivore so you can take revenge as a hungry beast. cheetahs are the most dangerous monster in the wild life. All people and pets in the city are getting terrorized and scared of this carnivore angry cheetah, due to its angry hungry nature and deadly sharp teeth & jaws.

Try to Live the life of a wild Cheetah! run with your brisk speed to catch other wild or pet animals like deer, goat, pig, cow, horse or even fight with other cheetahs in the city! Expose the amazing hunting skills and catch your preys! Show your dodging and hunting skills to take revenge.

This ferocious jungle monster is not a loner animal they do not attack with the clan but an angry hungry cheetah attacks and preys alone. In past week hungry renegade wild cheetah packed attack on some people wandering in jungle. Before that the best attacks on people on the safari side. You will have to face 12 levels of angry cheetah’s evolution attack. Beware from this hungry cheetah sharp teeth and jaws. They also hunt and eat cheetah cubs in the jungle.

Even kids can also enjoy playing this fun hunting cheetah simulator game in Smartphone devices.


12 amazing challenging levels to check your revenge skills.
Real life animation for city and motions.
Smooth graphics and controls to take revenge.
Amazing background music to enhance your gaming experience.
HD and realistic graphics to boost your visual experience.

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Jail Attack Counter War

San Andreas prison is full of robbers, murderers, gangsters, thieves and mafia guys, some prisoners tried to break the jail and escape from police custody. they are accused for murder attempts, theft, robbery and smuggling kind of crimes.
Police clans are out in crazy crime city to catch them and send them back to jail. some of them are underworld dons and they are resisting the police with heavy weapons like AK 47, shot guns, pistols , bazooka and many armors.

Download a brand new theme in jail break and jail attack games where you will take control of an amazing police car in the big crime city. In this police chase prisoners game you are the top private Russian police officer who as a heroic cop need to drive police car to catch and chase down most wanted criminal group who attacked and broke into the city central jail and made their fellow jailbirds escape from the prison. Now they are trying to hide somewhere after breaking into the city and also trying to do bank robbery and running their cartel . Keep following the map to approach them and remember not to lose them as they are clever enough to deceive you. On sighting, prisoners will run fast and try to fade but you need to run speedily and catch them with in the specific time before they stole anything. Play something different from a simple police chase games or police vs thief games.

Enjoy an electrifying jailbreak counter attack with one of the awesome jail break games. The game has the concept both police jail attack games and police chase games with the full attention-grabbing missions. So get set to start the fast paced action with jailbreak counter attack in one of the brand new jail attack games to become a daring cop. JAIL ATTACK COUNTER WAR will make you believe it unlike other bad games!

Isn’t this jailbreak counter attack one of the best jail break games? Yes definitely it stands out in police jail attack games with crazy police car. PRISON ATTACK: COUNTER WAR, the ultimate addition to police chase games.

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War Tank Battle Zone 3D

Commander get alert! Enemy infantry has started an uprising invasion in your territory. Play as army commander and defend your military bases. Use supreme strategy with heavy artillery blitz in Tank War Battle Zone 3D game. Drive war tanks and start bombing on enemy trucks, apache helicopter,humvees, drones, jeeps and military vehicles. Code Red! your troops are under heavy bombardment, engage in brutal tank war to show extreme tanks driving and bombing skills. Rise as a hero that your nation needs in warfare and storm into enemies’ stronghold.

In this tank war game storm into battle arena with artillery and soldiers to wipe out enemy troops camps. Become a part of world war simulation game play and destroy enemy military base with your weapon firepower. Fight for the glory and spare no mercy on enemy troops to clear the war zone from all kind of threats. Drive military jeep, big trucks, rocket launcher and missile vehicles. Deliver weapons and ammunition to your armed forces commandos who are in a monstrous tank war with enemy. You are driving warhead through the war field and armed terrorists want to capture it. Ensure safe approach of nuclear weapons and bomb across the battlefield and swipe aiming of the tank turret.

Your neighbor empire broke strategic alliance and making resistance on your homeland territory to plunder your land resources. Their mission is to capture and demolish your defense artillery. World leaders are doing worthless efforts to avoid major clash between super power nations. It’s your mission to stop enemy movement and uprising domination with precision and destroy their infantry with extreme brutal firepower. Start bombardment at enemy’s military base camps, hit bomb on their bunkers and conquer tank battle. Use powerful military arms and crush your enemies. Stop rival forces from stealing ammunition and infantry movement with blitz and fire power.

Rival soldiers crew is hiding in bunker, drive monstrous tanks and start bombing enemy hideouts with precision in this 3D tank battle game. Red alert situation; destroy enemy helicopters and drones flying over over your base camps dropping bombs. Engage to shoot down drones and helicopters with furious tanks attack. Follow complex, powerful strategy to defend your empire and become a tank hero unlike other navy,gunnes batallas,mad max,battle city and battlefield.

Battle Features 2015:

15 intense action packed and challenging tank war missions
Multiple military vehicles, drones, helicopters, jeeps and transport trucks
Attack various army base camps in desert
Stunning warzone environment and armors
Intuitive on-screen controls for easy driving and shooting
Realistic 3D graphics for real life war experience

Download Tank War Battle Zone 3D game to enjoy unlimited war of tanks and action in world of fury tanks blitz.

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Army Battle field Transport 3D

Are you ready to drive through the dangerous tracks in hilly and snowy locations while your army is stuck with enemies in war field? sit behind the big steering wheel and dare to drive through the slippery snowy roads .You will hear gun shots, while transporting gunship helicopters and war tanks in the battle zone.Your duty in the army begins as the Army war truck transport driver.

You have been given the duty to drive heavy army truck in the War field to transport military cargo. Be a part of modern military mission in Army Battle field Transport Truck 3D simulator game.Drive cargo truck and show your driving skills as the pro truck driver to drive in the extreme conditions .Driving a big truck might not be a difficult task but doing it inside the battle field is a hard task to complete.

★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★

• Action Packed Gameplay Missions
• Real-time Army War Truck Driving
• Transport Military Cargo in Battle Field
• Real time physics
• Snowy War Environment
• Smooth Steering and Brakes
• Perform your Duty as Army Truck Driver
• Drive the huge truck with heavy loads

Army Battle Field Truck 3D simulation game offers your driver role.Play one of the most exciting army truck driving games with army cargo truck transport and forget other cargo transport games having the concept of cargo transportation in a big army truck transporter.If you love cargo transport games, then this army truck simulator is the best truck driving simulator 3D game for sure. Download this superb game for free in your android phone and tablet for unlimited fun.

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You must have received post from the famous companies like DHL, FedEx and various courier services but have you ever expreinced to be post delivery driver? In this mailman deliver mail games or mail delivery transport truck games will make you forget about all post and courier service come and hold the steering of a mail delivery transport truck to deliver gifts, parcels and letter posts to the particular addresses. Play the parcel and mail delivery simulator in one of the best mail delivery games with the ultimate fun of post office postman games. Experience the realistic mailman deliver mail games and forget other ordinary mailman deliver or postman games.

Enjoy the mail supply truck in one of the best mailman delivery truck games with the ultimate fun of post office mail transport games and become the powerful business tycoon . In this gift and parcels supply truck 3D edition, you are going to experience the stress of a postman as truck driver. So experience the exclusivity in the mail truck games to forget about the common postman transport games and delivery truck games. Let’s try the TRANSPORT TRUCK: MAIL DELIVERY game that has a real delivery van to get ultimate truck transporter driver experience.
3D post, parcel and gift supply van transporter is actually a driving and parking game in which you have to drive and control box truck with a number of post, parcels and gifts loaded in it. First of all you need to load all parcels, gifts, posts and other mail in your delivery carriage truck from post office and then you have to transport and deliver it door to door to particular homes, shops , infirmary and Public factories of the city to meet the intime delivery. Your duty is to ensure not to be late in mail delivery to the city . There is no offroad or snow on the road and no policeman will stop you. You will move this heavy duty mail transporter truck to its destination with precision and accuracy. So get your hands on the big transporter tank and be the king of the mail delivery transporter games. Dare yourself to become a driver of a 4×4 mail delivery truck tanker. Mail deliver transporter is waiting for the real tanker truck driver.
The super marvelous post delivery truck simulator will amuse you to make you forget other postoffice, pizza delivery or mail delivery truck games and truck transport games. Enjoy the huge mail transportation simulator if you are truck game lover. Mail truck driving simulator will make you a perfect truck driver as you need to drive and park mega sized vehicle. Come on to steer the TRANSPORT TRUCK: MAIL DELIVERY 3D.

* 3 types of driving controls (Tilt, Touch and steering)
* Realistic thrilling driving experience
* Amazing control and truck physics
* Beautiful and stunning city environment

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Heavy Machine Transport Truck

Download and Enjoy an amazing addition to big truck transporter games, the top most of all transport truck and cargo truck games. We assure, truck transporter games 3D simulator not once gave you such a mega cargo truck experience of driving heavy truck with trailer transport with the heavy load. 3D transport truck is one of the dream transporter games for the lovers of heavy excavator simulator and crane truck games who like tractor driving, tractor parking and driving other construction machines. So get ready for a wonderful HEAVY Machine TRANSPORTER TRUCK fun driving game where you can show off your parking, driving and heavy equipment transportation skills.
The game is about heavy machinery and heavy equipment transporter, a new kind of cargo heavy truck trailer transport game to load, deliver, and unload large machinery construction vehicles like dumper truck, crane, excavator bulldozer and shovel on top of your truck transporter loader. check out! You’re about to drive the huge automobile transporter lorry and it contains the most expensive construction vehicles. In this extremely fun driving and parking mania game you will be given with some heavyweight building machines and your core assignment is to deliver building equipment from factory to the construction area in the city. Drive and load all heavy duty vehicles carefully and maneuver them on the trailer so they fit in perfectly within the indicated spot. Then drive the massive trucker to the destination by following arrow while managing the huge load with precision and accuracy. Do your job carefully. You have time limit in each level. Try to be the best truck driver in the city, become a real trucker!

• Real experience of driving heavy crane transporter 3D.
• Realistic city environment exploration with truck simulator 3D mania.
• One of the best real transport games 3D.
• 10 exciting levels of big transporter driving.
• Smooth steering, brakes, lifting, turning and truck pull controls.
• Astonishing 3D graphics for the feel of heavy truck trailer transport.
• Accurate physical simulation for truck driving and vehicle parking.

So time to enjoy the large jumbo transport truck with heavy equipment transporter simulation which gives you the excitement of cargo trucker blended with the fun of transporter games. If you love playing 3D truck transporter games and like heavy excavator then the game is made for you. Cargo truck trailers games never featured like this heavy truck trailer transport game. Play the HEAVY MACHINERY TRANSPORTER TRUCK, the trailer truck to transport jumbo equipment!

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Transporter Truck Simulator 3D

Transporter Truck Simulator 3D Transport cargo to the destination.You can choose a huge set of trucks to drive around the cities and the country side!Here we launch a brand of real monster transport truck driving game simulator.Get ready to become the best truck driver.Get ready for real and exciting truck driving experience

Sit behind the steering wheel of realistic transporter truck on city streets by transporting the goods like oil, farm equipment, barrels, heavy machines in challenging 12 driver levels. Keep following arrow pointer on city route destinations, reach at parking points. Your task is to transport goods to all locations with loaded truck.

The game is about wild heavy equipment transporter, a new kind of cargo heavy truck trailer transport game to load, deliver, and unload large machinery construction vehicles like dumper truck, crane, excavator and bulldozer on top of your truck transporter loader. Watch out! You’re about to drive the huge automobile transporter lorry and it contains the most expensive construction vehicles. In this extremely fun driving and parking mania game you are hired forheavyweight building machines and your core assignment is to deliver building equipment from factory to the construction area in the city so show your bravery and done the job. Drive and load all heavy duty vehicles carefully and maneuver them on the trailer so they fit in perfectly within the indicated spot. Then drive the massive trucker to the destination by following arrow while managing the huge load with precision and accuracy. Do your job carefully don’t harm anyone. You have time limit in each level. Try to be the best truck driver in the city, become a real trucker!

Done with a lot driver parking, transporter, oil tanker games that offers you just to park your transporter vehicle. This game is unique with challenging driver mission unlike other cattle transporter,trailer parking and transport tycoon. Pick up grass, barrels, oil and other equipment from city and deliver. you will love realistic animation and real truck driving controls with trailer behind the truck. Download this wonderful in your android tablet and phone for unlimited fun for youngsters.

Truck simulator, construction material transporter

* Realistic controller
* Realistic driving experience and feelings
* Beautiful Graphics
* Realistic sound environment
* Realistic physics
* Tablet support and FULL HD support
* FULL HD graphics with high quality

This is Not an ordinary parking game, try driving realistic American transporter truck with hyper gaming experience using minimap. You can’t afford to miss this latest update in driving sim game. Your mission is to transport the goods from town to factories, animal farms,livestock,farmyard and other give locations. Once you collected all goods drive your big truck to particular locations.

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Transport Truck: Zoo Animals

Transport Truck : Zoo Animals 3D, Experience to build your own zoo or animal farm. see amazing farm animals like cow, horse, goat, dog and bring them to your private zoo. amazing zoo and farm animals transporter game with realistic transport truck for farm, wild and zoo animals. Add new level to the zoo animal transport games and become a wild animal transporter driver. Energize your zoo transport truck games fun in an fascinating animal transport simulator that requires master skills! Zoo animal transporter games are at new level. Zoo animals transporter truck is one of the unique wild animal transport simulator that is going to be a full treat for zoo transport animal games lovers. In this game you can creat your own zoo after wild and beast animals transport from jungle to city.A fun for kids and all ages game lovers. Have fun with Cheetah,lion,zebra,elephants,boar,hipo,rhino,gorilla,wolf,stag,deer,bull,cow and many more jungle animals. This animals simulator game is hot and fun for girls and boys.

In this wild truck transporter game you will act as a cargo truck driver delivering undomesticated and dangerous beasts to the city zoo. These wild beasts have come to the town from various continents and they should be transported safely to the city zoo.
You are the delivery driver assigned with this daunting job as this is no livestock control you are handling. It’s the untamed lot like the King of the jungle itself. These ferocious creatures demand you to be vigilant and careful . You must have a yen for thrill and excitement to take on this duty.
First of all you need to load the beasts onto your cargo transport vehicle . Be careful as not to get in their way and move them into the trailer.
Now, get behind the wheels which you will handle manually using the steering and other controllers . And while moving the animals , you must do it in a way that won’t cause them any injury or harm. Your duty is to ensure their safe and sound delivery to the city zoo.
After delivering the cargo to the city zoo, you must park your trailer in the pre-defined parking area . Only when you have parked the vehicle, a level will be completed. The challenge must be completed within the given time.
You can enjoy the both , a beautiful city environment and a forest type environment in this game which will make your driving experience more real.
You have definitely not played a simulator such as this before. It’s your time to display some courage ,bravery and responsibility required to operate this heavy trailer loaded with a wild cargo. If you are ready to take on this adventurous job, download this simulator instantly and enjoy the life of a wild animal transporter.
In this 3D zoo animal truck driving game, you can enjoy as a animal truck driver with the best mega realistic truck. While driving you must transport animals in a way that won’t cause them injury. Fasten your seat belt and drive cargo truck animal trailer and be the highway king of this heavy truck games. Dare yourself to become a driver of this huge cattle transporter truck.

Mega city to explore.
Realistic and smooth truck controller.
Many animals simulator.
HD graphics.
15 challenging levels to complete.
Compatible with all android devices.

This game is a unique game for transport truck drivers and animal lovers. Simulate many animals at a time and than enjoy a drive with truck and transport. Earn money and build a mega zoo or animal farm for your city people.

Guaranteed! that you have not played such animal farm animal transporter game as yet. So revive the uniqueness in animals transport mingle with the concept of 3D truck trailer farm cattle transporter games. You might have experienced simple farm animals games or transport games but this is the best free animal transport simulator with the fun of zoo animal and farm cattle truck transporter. So take it now and enjoy the ride of TRANSPORTER TRUCK: ZOO ANIMALS simulator 3D.

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Big Bus Driver Hill Climb 3D

Big Bus Driver Hill Climb 3D is the biggest and extreme thrilling bus driving simulator game for 2015. Drive most advanced realistic physics offroad buses engine as a real public transportation driver in your android phone and tablet.

Its not easy to drive around steep hilly area, climbing on mountain require extreme bus driving skills to transport passengers safely. Have fun with the biggest 4×4 buses ride with most extreme mountain treacherous tracks with traffic cars and vehicles. You played many ordinary big city driving 3D game to roam in traffic, checkout steep rocky countryside hilly ride with offroad transportation buses. Show extreme buses driving skills with this crazy 3D simulation game. Public transportation was never so much fun like this one. Avoid crashing buses in trucks, limo and SUVs.Make sure your tourists are safe from one bus stop to next.

Drive 1st monster tires and custom built school buses to transport passengers in hilly areas or midtown for tourism but obey the rules. Done enough playing with party buses driving around the city in night life. Now accept the challenge to steer school bus customized to race and jump over insane ramps in deadly mountain tracks. Jump high overpass with top speed race to collect circles that will extend your timeline to complete insane racing missions. Have fun as real big vehicle driver in big open world of mountains and 4×4 cars. Drive real insane to smash your way through traffic and crazy stunt ramps in this amazing game.
Enjoy various transporter buses models with natural hilly environments and thrilling missions.Download Big Bus Driver Hill Climb 3D thrilling simulation game for your android phone and tablets.

-Drive double decker party time buses
-10 breathtaking driver stunt levels with race against time
-4 fully loaded customized school buses with 4×4 tires and powerful engine
-Stunning hillside 3D environment to test your skills
-Crazy stunt ramps to pull of insane jumps
-HD graphics with stunning sounds to enhance your gaming experience
-A complete Hill Station Environment to Explore

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