3D Wild Elephant – City Rampage

Have you ever wondered what life would be like a big fat Elephant? How does it feel to have a huge long trunk? Wait no more as the greatest elephant simulation game is now available for you!
Elephants are adorable. Elephants are smart. Everyone loves them. They are the centre of attraction in every other zoo with their long trunks, curved teeth and hue paws.
Help this wild elephant survive in this virtual wilderness for as long as you possess the strength. Create chaos like no other elephant and gain the best simulation experience through 3D Wild Elephant – City Rampage
You possess the power to control the elephant as it rampages through the city streets. It’s all about survival and destruction. Smash, attack and destroy is the key to your high scores. Don’t let anyone or anything escape. Demolish all the vehicles and kill all the citizens. The best part? You can also play in missions where you have the authority to shatter and hunt various objects like fire hydrants, traffic lights, gas cylinders, walls, trees, drums, cars etc. What’s amazing?Play as the Asian, the Thai, or the African specie elephant. Break down the cars, trucks and every other vehicle that catches your eye. Brand new intuitive controls let you navigate your animal like never before.Enclosed with High quality 3D objects and the amazingly animated city graphics give you the ultimate simulation experience as an elephant. Crash down the whole city with your ultimate powers. Let go of all your rage on the city environment.

3D Wild Elephant – City Rampage Features include:
Elephant hunting with different seasons.
Massive Map to explore.
Exciting & Fun gameplay.
3 Different elephant breeds
Thrilling sound effects.
High Quality 3D graphics.
Seamless movement controls
Download 3D Wild Elephant – City Rampage and get onto making the city life miserable. No one can stop you now!
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