ATV Gangster 2018 San Andreas City

Become an ATV gangster from American high school with crazy actions around the grand San Andreas city. Fight against modern unborn darkness mission as atv thug rider. Now it’s your time to unleash the fear of San Andrea town. In ATV quad bike gangster constrain crime, Steal vehicles and bikes from other drivers and explore the downtown city. You need to rob banks, shoot people and snatch their money and auto. There is a criminal chaos in the city and you are high school crime gangster. You can fight with other city gang rivals and rule the streets of both cities vegas and san andreas in this action packed crime adventure. In this ATV Gangster 2018: San Andreas City action begins with multiple street fights against the police. You have to avoid all the patrol of special forces and cops who are already in search of your ATV gang.

Use your gun, punch and super kick during fights against crime mafia lords and be a super atv crime gangster of the downtown. our mission is to attack on criminal people of city and take control of whole crime city as an atv quad bike fighter. This grand atv crime gangster is an open world action simulator and you will face extreme action of mafia in the whole city. You have to drop of drugs and weapons to other gangsters and complete the atv fighter tasks without being figured out by Cops and special forces. This is story of an atv bike gangster who ran away from high school because he always impressed with thug and mafia life. This real bike crime game will test your gangster skills and you will face evil gangsters of the san andreas and vegas city.

Features of Gangster vs Police Force Fighting Games:

– Realistic quad bike gangster fighter game with multiple crime scenarios.
– Multiple theft, snatching, police fighting and drug dealing missions on your ATV crime simulation.
– High quality 3D graphics & HD vibrant gameplay.
– Roam around the city & streets as quad bike gangster rider.
– Various street fights & brawl against the cops.

Playing as a bike gangsta by killing police guards and crime mafia lords will enhance your cops and robbers gaming experience. All you have to do is check the target you are assigned and complete it on time but beware from police patrol. Download ATV Gangster 2018: San Andreas City and become a real quad biker thug of the downtown.