Clown Super Villains vs Vegas City

Its Halloween night at Vegas city and mad scary clown is ready to attack on citizens with sledge hammer and handy stick in this scary killer clown attack crime city game. In Clown Super Villains vs Vegas City there is situation about creepy prank simulator with scary clown super villains gangster fight. Use special attacks like slime pumpkin, flick of leg, fire the tire and crack attack and create scary clown city rampage. Use your killer clown mask and funky costume and destroy cars and vehicles, lamp posts and even citizens in your way with your super strength. In Killer clown attack vegas crime city with city clown sightings you need to be a creepy clown and scare the people with your dirty clown pranks. Create ultimate destruction, threat and thrill with creepy killer clown game. Your vegas scary clown super villains will face Police which is active because of people screaming and destructive attacks on various occasions but no one was caught last year halloween night. Be a creepy killer with Clown Super Villains vs Vegas City.

The clown city attacker is equipped with razor sharp axes, blades and bats to hit people around. On top of that he controls the environment with his possessed evil powers. Leaving you at the mercy of this evil stone cold creepy clown. Killer clown scary pranks simulator 2018 is based on Halloween night with Clown Super Villains vs Vegas City. The scariest clown terrified Vegas citizens with his spooky actions and horror making clown sightings were taking over the city. So get ready to attack and smash your enemies in this real prank attack sim of scary clown. Killer clown vs super villains city people! you need to be a gangster clown and attack like a clown villain at Halloween parties, go and fool around people.

Make your creepy evil plans and build your own clown shelter and may start your own clown gang with scary weapons and strange clown strategies and be a killer clown and attack crime city. So here is your chance to become a scary clown other than on Halloween party. But beware from cops because strange clown was also suspected in other city for different crimes with this city gangster clown attack.

Features of Scary Clown Super Villains vs Vegas Police:

• Various scary prank killing & attack missions with the help of super villains clown gang.
• 3D Halloween city & realistic horror environment.
• HD visual effects with realistic clown animations of hitting or scaring people.
• Multiple tasks and different action based gameplay.
• Smooth controls & vibrant 3D graphics as scary clown vs super villains city.

So time to join the criminal clowns gang and rule over the vegas city at Halloween night because this is a prank attack sim about the city clown gangster. Download Clown Super Villains vs Vegas City and enjoy the super scary clown attack powers.