Crazy Neighbor Serial Fights

Let’s get on with this super crappy neighborhood by engaging in with the fights in this adventure filed survival game! Neighbor Smashing Fights 3D is the game to play to unleash your wild human inside you… Let your devil mind start doing mischiefs super suspicious activities like breaking glasses, escape the scene and do not get caught by the neighbor’s eyes. Be cautious! You’ll caught up dong suspicious stuff will definitely ignite a neighbor super smashing fight.
Game Play:
First of all you have to break in the neighbor’s house from the main gate. After you are there you have got various options to do all the suspicious activities in the form of missions including Hide and Seek, Break Glasses and interior of the rooms, smash the walls. As soon as you are caught up by the house owner doing this mass destruction in his house the fight will break out. You have to survive the fight and escape in order to unlock the next mission.
By the way, this is not going be that easy! Your neighbor will give you hard time in his house but you have to escape in this survival mission. One mistake and you’ll be caught in this survival game with Neighbor Smashing Fights 3D. Best among all neighbor survival and crazy neighbor games.

The adventure begins when you take control of the house by sneaking in your neighborhood and start crazy stealing, and breaking things around! There are various missions enough to put your life on the line by breaking out the full scale Crazy Smashing Fights in 3D with the neighbors as soon as they figure out! During Crazy Neighbor Smashing Fights in 3D sneaking in, stealing things is not easily doable unless you keep up all of your senses and have total control of the mission.
So, get ready to find out who is your neighbor. Remember in Crazy Neighbor Smashing Fights stealing is tough and you may become a strange suspicious neighbor in your neighborhood. Monitor the movement of your neighbor, punch them hard if you are caught otherwise you have to face the consequences. There is nowhere you can hide, the only option in Crazy Smashing Neighborhood is to fight!

Neighbor Smashing Fights 3D Features:

• Play as scary & strange neighbor in your Super Furious Neighborhood.
• Complete stealing & breaking crazy tasks in neighbor home.
• Show some epic fighter action in neighbor games.
• Steal & breakdown precious stuff from neighborhood with neighbor survival game.
• Awesome 3D graphics & neighbor revenge gameplay in neighbor fighting games.

It’s a neighborhood survival game with scary breathtaking adventure for a stranger. Let’s be ready for doing some strange and crazy stuff in neighborhood! Download Neighbor Smashing Fights 3D and play as strange crazy neighbor which is new neighbor in town.