Mounted Horse Rescue Mission

Rescue driving of ambulance on offroad curvy steep paths is not an easy job. So we give you an opportunity to become a mounted horse ambulance duty driver 2018 with rescue horse riding simulation. Fulfill your horse riding rescue mission duty on uphill mountain area with patients transport service through to the nearest village hospital. This horse emergency rescue riding mission is all about playing as a rescue horse rider and run into those in need on curvy, hilly roads. Drive or ride fast your horse cart rescue ambulance yet safely, and use your keen eye on your horse carriage rescue ambulance. You have to look out for the hurdles and uphill obstacles, sharp turns with on coming traffic. So be ready to play this horse rescue driver 2018 with the twist of Mounted Horse Rescue Mission.

Ride one the best horse racing game of 2018. This simulator is full of actions that you need to take on emergency calls for taking patients from emergency spot to hospital in minimum time on your mounted horse rescue missions. You have horse cart rescue Ambulance rider job on offroad city which is dangerous so be careful while riding your horse carriage rescue mission duty. There is a lot offroad downhill traffic and you have to ride your rescue cart through different routes to reach your desired destination. Take the patients to nearest first aid emergency hospital so fast that people think you ride your horse rescue carriage service. But that does not mean you have to harm others to save one life. Horse games 2018 are much fun than any other. This horse rescue simulator 2018 will take you to the mountain village life. So just get into emergency rescue showoff speed with car be alert with full of courage with your offroad rescue cart ambulance.

Features in Horse Cart Rescue Duty Missions:

– Multiple challenging horse rescue duty riding missions on offroads.
– Realistic hill station village environments & beautiful 3D graphics.
– Simple & easy controls for ultimate horse rescue riding & driving.
– Ride or drive and take the patients to the hospital in realistic downhill riding.
– Transport injured people to the nearest hospital is your ultimate task.

So folks! Save citizens within time limit, use cart stretcher and provide first aid with primary medication staff while performing rescue rider duty. Download now Mounted Horse Rescue Mission and become the first ever horse carriage ambulance riding driver around the offroad hilly village.