Police Dog vs Dead Zombie Warfare

Here we are with a crazy police dog cop in one of the solitary police games having the concept of police vs wild zombie death fight. So get ready to start the full throttle action with a police dog in one of the brand new police dog games sniffing and hunting dog in zombie death fight game. POLICE DOG vs Zombie Warfare with crazy city zombie hunter attack is surely going to enliven your inner police pursuit.

Dead ahead the zombie warfare with Spooky skeletons are invading in country area for human blood and massacre. Take out your assault rifle and sniper guns to shoot an army of dead walking zombies. Military and other forces have been failed to destroy this savage army. Play as a lone survivor and eliminate these savage forces with advanced warfare weapons.

It is an incredible illustrious zombies vs Dog game in which you as a Police hunting dog need to save the attacked crazy city from zombies. Innocent people are hidden inside their homes. Some people are already infected by the brutal zombies. So as a police pursuit German shepherd zombie killer dog your real mission is to chase down and finish all the deadly zombies, and infected people turned into fatal zombies trying to attack from all direction. You need to run speedily and finish them all by following the city map. Take control of the husk and hunt down the zombies of big city. Will you protect the citizens from the zombie threat? So get ready for the thrilling adventure in the zombie world.

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Features in wild zombie warfare:

  • Clever hunting & sniffing police dog simulator game play
  • Full prepared german shepherd against zombies
  • Fantasy environment with infected zombies
  • Experience the sensation of killing zombies wildly!
  • Awesome crime city environment
  • Stirring zombies attack missions with pedigree dog

Police vs zombie chase games never gave such an experience to the players. In zombies vs police, it’s the crown! This special edition of Police Dog vs Dead Zombie Warfare is the newest of zombie police battle type games that give you the chance to play something else than the regular zombies outbreak games with the police dog.