Scary nights with monster zombies in police driver game. Here comes an amazing story of police vs zombies chase.So, get ready to start the full garrote action with monster zombies vs police driver in one of the brand new zombies games with zombie police battle adventure. POLICE VS ZOMBIES ATTACK is truly going to pep up your inner police pursuit against zombies to show your fury required in police vs zombie chase games. Believe it! There has never been such an illustrious zombie police battle adventure. It is an incredible zombies vs police game in which you as a police hunting driver need to save the attacked city in zombie shooting games with gun with POLICE DRIVER ZOMBIE SHOOTER! best in zombies shooting games in 3d.

Innocent people are hidden inside their homes. Some people are already infected by the brutal zombies on the day of Halloween. So as a police driver your real mission is to chase down and finish all the walking crazy dead zombies, and infected people turned into fatal zombies trying to attack from all direction. You need to run speedily and finish them all by following the city map with zombies shooting games in 3d. Take control of the husk and hunt down the zombies of big city. Will you protect the citizens from the zombie threat? So get ready for the thrilling adventure in the zombie world in zombie shooting games with gun.

First Person Shooter Police Driver VS Monster Zombies, one of a kind, will definitely immerse its players into a unique experience : say no to the colorful and joyful backgrounds you use to see in every common racing or police game. In Police VS Zombies, it’s the Apocalypse, Yes! zombie attack in city with police zombie games!

Drive your car down a highway as shocking zombies leap at your vehicle and attempt to flip you over! How long can you survive the dead walking monsters attack in a scary Halloween night? This game is a police game in which you will have to save some damsels in distress. Indeed, during each game, one character is struggling with the zombies, alone, and definitely unable to survive on its own. So it’s up to you.

Use your firearms to slaughter creepy zombies in zombie shooting games with gun. We all, one day, as a child or even as an adult, dreamed about being a policeman with police zombie games. We also all saw some zombie movies, where blood and brain flow. Those zombies are quite successful, the zombie market is going quite well.So, what about gathering these two iconic universes ? In this unique Police game VS zombies, you will embody a policeman fighting against the living dead, driving his reinforced police car with zombies shooting games in 3d!
Some fun, unique landscapes and sounds, and some challenge : Police Driver VS Zombies will keep you busy for a while. Don’t wait any more ! Download Police VS Zombies, and embody the last shield against the zombie threat !

Features of Police Driver Game:
• Full prepared Police Driver with perfect weapons
• Fantasy environment with infected zombies
• Experience the sensation of killing zombies wildly!
• Awesome crime city Realistic environment in zombies shooting games in 3d
• Stirring zombies attack missions with Policeman
•Extreme precision driving in police zombie games

Good luck and let the Bloody Zombie killing begin with POLICE DRIVER ZOMBIE SHOOTER!

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