Spider army hero has super powers to rescue the injured city people after the final battle. Your super spider will rescue people in emergency situations. Use your super rescue flying powers to become a city spider hero. After the war people are injured and want urgent help, now you have to become a superhero spider. you have to perform your duty & serve your city in the situation of war or after the city battle and crisis. Your strange super abilities make you a super spider hero in spider games. Join military army to perform rescue duty in war & serve your city as Spider Army City Hero 3D.

Spider hero with extreme mutant powers & strange abilities you chose to join army to perform rescue operation in city. Become a alone spider army and war hero, serve your nation like a true flying spider hero with survival abilities. Show extreme flying action stunts for big city rescue survival in this amazing flying simulator game of 2017 flying spider hero and rescue. Super spider army as a super war hero has an important role in war situation.

Strange hero for ultimate survival and rescue of city super flying spider is needed who can act as army hero for city people. Rescue of innocent people is really difficult. Be the brave superhero spider of big city and start battle against crisis and war. Fly high in the sky as real superhero spider legend and reach on the spot with your thick rope mutant power and become a mutant superhero legend.

Features of Flying Spider Rescue Survival:

✪ Epic spider rescue and flying missions!
✪ Spider army & flying rescue simulator game of 2017.
✪ Amazing 3D graphics of mutant superhero legend spider.
✪ Fly & rescue like army soldier and true super war hero.
✪ Plenty of rescue and survival missions in huge city.

Be the only super spider of big city and let’s start your duty as spider army hero in hard situations. Show of some spider power fighting and rescue skills with Spider Army City Hero 3D and become a mutant spider legend.

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