Wild Komodo Dragon War

Wild Komodo Dragon War

Do you love wild animal simulator games? Play this komodo dragon simulator game and create mega rampage of in the 3d fantasy land and also in huge jungle with this fearless predator. In dragon games free and dragon fighting games, the Vicious Komodo Dragon is yet hungry in komodo dragon games. This venomous creature should not be underestimated by any human or animal! pursuing revenge on humans, creeping on way and looking for its next prey to hunt and creating scene of war, chaos and komodo dragon rampage with destruction. In dragon fighting games play as a komodo dragon and attack on humans and animals ruthlessly in this komodo dragon simulator game. Komodo dragon games were never been so thrilling before. Get ready to play newest dragon games free with the blend of this komodo dragon city rampage and enjoy ultimate battle of survival in jungle and town with WILD KOMODO DRAGON WAR 2017!

Play as the deadly komodo dragon who is trampling the city and looking to slay its victims. Slither or crawl on your way to create rampage, attack and stalk out your prey in this dragon games free or komodo dragon games. Strike down carefully, attack smartly and silently on your prey in jungle like wolf, chicken, duck, lion, sheep, horse and many more wild animals in this animal simulator. In action packed animal simulation game you also kill humans and create rampage and chaos in the 3D fantasy city. Just no animal or human can stand against this mighty dragon in this time of epic war with this unique komodo dragon attack and hunting game and dragon fighting games.

Features of Dragon War in 2017:

⚔ Realistic safari environment and amazing 3d graphics.
⚔ Brutal battle and deadly fights in komodo dragon war and rampage game.
⚔ Dragon fighting games with vibrant gameplay.
⚔ Super animal simulator with dragon Simulator Rampage.
⚔ HD graphics and smooth gameplay with easy controls.

To sum up! War and battle of survival has just begun in the fiercest safari environment and kill giant crocodile, goat, sheep, dog and many more wild animals and also attack on human for survival. Download new adventure of WILD KOMODO DRAGON WAR the ultimate war and extreme battle of dragon fighting games.

Police Dog vs Dead Zombies

Here we are with a crazy police dog cop kuta in one of the solitary police games having the concept of police vs zombie and police dog games with top police fight stirring missions. So get ready to start the full throttle action with a police dog in one of the brand new police dog games with police dog games thrill to become a daring sniffing and hunting dog. POLICE DOG vs Zombies:CRAZY CITY ATTACK is surely going to enliven your inner police pursuit. Believe it! There has never been such an awesome 3D dog simulator.

Spooky skeletons are invading in country area for human blood and massacre. This plague has infected everyone around and the disease is spreading fear in streets. Take out your assault rifle and sniper guns to shoot an army of dead walking zombies. Military and other forces have been failed to destroy this savage army. Gather courage to stand against brainless horrible creatures and put an end to this madness to shut down their gateway. Play as a lone survivor and eliminate these savage forces with advanced warfare weapons. Scavenge these spooks and snipe from a safe distance without any horror. Take headshot to blow their brains out before they smash your skull with axe and spread infection.

It is an incredible illustrious zombies vs Dog game in which you as a Police hunting dog need to save the attacked crazy city from zombies. Innocent people are hidden inside their homes. Some people are already infected by the brutal zombies. So as a police pursuit german shepherd zombie killer dog your real mission is to chase down and finish all the deadly zombies, and infected people turned into fatal zombies trying to attack from all direction. You need to run speedily and finish them all by following the city map. Take control of the husk and hunt down the zombies of big city. Will you protect the citizens from the zombie threat? So get ready for the thrilling adventure in the zombie world.

Experience one of the best dog fighting games with awesome wild dog simulator 3D action. Survive against the enemy wild dogs in one of the thrilling dog simulator games. You need to fight against enemy dogs to kill them with the wild dog simulator. Yes! It is a wild germen shepherd dog simulator with beautiful and realistic fights making it the best animal fighting games. Dog fighting , dog chase games were never too exciting. So, run madly in the farm and fight with wild dogs in FARM DOG FIGHT, the latest addition to dog simulator games.

• Clever hunting & sniffing police dog simulator game play
• Full prepared german shepherd against zombies
• Fantasy environment with infected zombies
• Experience the sensation of killing zombies wildly!
• Awesome crime city environment
• Stirring zombies attack missions with pedigree dog

Police vs zombie chase games never gave such an experience to the players. In zombies vs police, it’s the crown! This special edition of POLICE DOG VS ZOMBIE ATTACK 3D is the newest of zombie police battle type games that give you the chance to play something else than the regular zombies outbreak games with the police dog.

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Ambulance Rescue 3D 2016

Be careful, Don’t be a crazy driver in a big extended city if you do not want to ride on ambulance to admit in city hospital for a surgery or operation. Experience an awesome ambulance rescue simulator 3d and forget other 911 rescue simulators. In this ambulance games Ambulance 911 rescue hires the best of the best and it is a great honor to become a ambulance driver. This ambulance rescue simulator 3d provides you with every bit of experience that any other ambulance rescue driving 2016 and 911 rescue games have failed to provide. Enjoy the van ambulance rescue simulator by driving cool 911 ambulance simulator. Show crazy racer driver skills and drive city ambulance van through the town with high speed to save people’s lives with an awesome AMBULANCE RESCUE 3D 2016 of the contemporary taste.

There has been a grand accident and you’re the on-duty ambulance driver. Lives are at stake so drive with a purpose as you are on a rescue mission. Rush your ambulance rescue simulator 3d around the city to get to the scene of accident in time or you’ll fail to save someones life. Stay calm under pressure, be fast,vibrant, race to the rescue, dodge cars, solve the puzzle of where to go, navigate busy traffic highway and park to collect patients. Driving them to safety on the ambulance and providing first aid is the best thing you can do to save them in this state of emergency. Turn on the sirens and push the throttle! Remember your duty comes first! Be ready to enjoy awesome high speed ambulance driving games.


In this ambulance rescue simulator 3d you have an ambulance and drive it through to the injured ones as fast as you can to save lives of citizens.Keep your eye on the road use break paddle and siren for rash driving. Rush to the crime scene and transport dead body to a morgue.

Modern AMBULANCE simulator controls for seamless driving, physics and navigation with speed.


The gameplay of the game is straightforward the easy controls make the simulator 3D game accessible for everyone unlike other little ambulance parking, injured people ,crazy operation surgery , escalate driving games .

– Rescue vans with stretcher
– Stunning real life city environment
– Power steering ,stress resistance and brake pedal
– Amazing sound effects
– 3D high quality graphics stunning realistic gaming experience
– Precision ambulance driving controls
– Entertaining and addictive game play
– 14 Levels
– Beat your time and drive safely to complete missions

Ambulance rescue simulator 3d is the most addictive and challenging of the all 911 rescue games. You will enjoy ambulance parking extended experience. This game is specially crafted for the dudes who love ambulance rescue driving 2016 and want to have real emergency ambulance rescue simulator 3d experience on highway. AMBULANCE RESCUE 3D 2016 is the game you won’t want to miss out.

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Police Driver Zombies Shooter

Scary nights with monster zombies in police driver game. Here comes an amazing story of police vs zombies chase.So, get ready to start the full garrote action with monster zombies vs police driver in one of the brand new zombies games with zombie police battle adventure. POLICE VS ZOMBIES ATTACK is truly going to pep up your inner police pursuit against zombies to show your fury required in police vs zombie chase games. Believe it! There has never been such an illustrious zombie police battle adventure. It is an incredible zombies vs police game in which you as a police hunting driver need to save the attacked city in zombie shooting games with gun with POLICE DRIVER ZOMBIE SHOOTER! best in zombies shooting games in 3d.

Innocent people are hidden inside their homes. Some people are already infected by the brutal zombies on the day of Halloween. So as a police driver your real mission is to chase down and finish all the walking crazy dead zombies, and infected people turned into fatal zombies trying to attack from all direction. You need to run speedily and finish them all by following the city map with zombies shooting games in 3d. Take control of the husk and hunt down the zombies of big city. Will you protect the citizens from the zombie threat? So get ready for the thrilling adventure in the zombie world in zombie shooting games with gun.

First Person Shooter Police Driver VS Monster Zombies, one of a kind, will definitely immerse its players into a unique experience : say no to the colorful and joyful backgrounds you use to see in every common racing or police game. In Police VS Zombies, it’s the Apocalypse, Yes! zombie attack in city with police zombie games!

Drive your car down a highway as shocking zombies leap at your vehicle and attempt to flip you over! How long can you survive the dead walking monsters attack in a scary Halloween night? This game is a police game in which you will have to save some damsels in distress. Indeed, during each game, one character is struggling with the zombies, alone, and definitely unable to survive on its own. So it’s up to you.

Use your firearms to slaughter creepy zombies in zombie shooting games with gun. We all, one day, as a child or even as an adult, dreamed about being a policeman with police zombie games. We also all saw some zombie movies, where blood and brain flow. Those zombies are quite successful, the zombie market is going quite well.So, what about gathering these two iconic universes ? In this unique Police game VS zombies, you will embody a policeman fighting against the living dead, driving his reinforced police car with zombies shooting games in 3d!
Some fun, unique landscapes and sounds, and some challenge : Police Driver VS Zombies will keep you busy for a while. Don’t wait any more ! Download Police VS Zombies, and embody the last shield against the zombie threat !

Features of Police Driver Game:
• Full prepared Police Driver with perfect weapons
• Fantasy environment with infected zombies
• Experience the sensation of killing zombies wildly!
• Awesome crime city Realistic environment in zombies shooting games in 3d
• Stirring zombies attack missions with Policeman
•Extreme precision driving in police zombie games

Good luck and let the Bloody Zombie killing begin with POLICE DRIVER ZOMBIE SHOOTER!

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San Andreas Police Hill Chase

Police Chase is action packed 3D racing simulator game for big boys and girls. Get a taste of realistic police officer crews life, make some emergency arrest of most wanted criminals thugs and take them to the Police Station. Join police enforcement force as rookie cop and show your driver skills and get promoted as sergeant or detective. Drive sports cars with fast speed engine and drift. Thief & criminals are on the loose from jail, outlaw gang wars and street crimes are on its peak.Gangsters are driving uphill towards steep mountains in their racing cars. It’s time to be a super cops chase and arrest gangster, crooks and crazy criminals from the crime scene. This 3D game will take you on next level high speed racing simulation game play. More than a rookie driver, You need expert fast driving and parking skills with real time precision. Take care of the hill climbers coming downhill on these treacherous tracks. No Ammo or shooting need to catch rival gang when you have crazy drifting skills.

Drive police motor on hill climb in Compton city California. Show top driving skills as racer in steep mountains to chase and arrest bad guys in California hills. Play this newest hill climb racing game with coolest cops cars vs thief pursuit in hillside areas.Arcade style gaming style, handle muscle cars and your undercover cop. Pull over criminals and thieves out of car on streets with epic real pursuit missions. Make a bright career with catching bad guys and throwing them behind bars.

Driving cops cars in this open world 3D map asphalt roads. Be a vigilant policeman and patrol your area to save innocent victims, citizens and pedestrians. Your informer tips you for ongoing robbery, theft or any other terrorist activity. Superb racer simulation game with fast speed cop’s cars and driving madness. Don’t be late or the suspect will flee from the targeted location.Capture those thugs show no respect or mercy for thieves. If you done with ultimate parking games then this is the best driver simulation game you can get in Google play.No need to unlock new cars they are already available for you in police station. Show some racing driver skills in this parking simulation 3D game.

You will love the hours gameplay full of racer challenge. Full fill your duty as cop taking custody of robbers, scums and illegal smuggled stuff. Enjoy drifting take down outlaw thief escaping in car, outrun him with your perfect skills.
Enjoy this hot pursuit action pack, astonishing mountain climbing and climb hilly racing games to give you adrenaline rush with thrill and speed.

Coolest Police vs Thief Arrest Features 2015:

* Superb racing police car with more steering control and engine horsepower
* Face extreme level challenging crime scenarios
* Interactive objectives with astonishing gameplay
* Dynamic game play with smooth touch and tap controls
* Very engaging background music to enhance your gaming experience
* Epic hilly environment with treacherous tracks
* Amazing cop animation

So hit the gas paddle and get ready for a new 2015 police car race down in this new best cop chase game.
Everything you expected of a highway car cop chase.

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Bus Driving: Extreme Parking

Bus Driving Parking Simulator 3d is latest 2017 simulation game that will allow you to play as a real big Bus Driver. Buckle-up and start extreme driving on top gear with bus driving games 2017. Tourist bus hill climbing is full of thrill with top gear and adventure to pick up and drop passengers to their destination. Get ready to drive the Bus through hills on the highway with bus games to drive to pick up people. In this fantastic commercial bus parker game you are the city bus 3d driver who has to transport the tourists to their busy urban city destination. Drive your favorite bus on city suburbs roads in bus driving taxi parking simulator real extreme car racing sim. Your city bus fun drive has begun! Amazing bus driving is a wonderful and enjoyable riding simulation on extreme highways and between the hills with BUS DRIVING: EXTREME PARKING! coach bus games edition.

Drive a tourist commercial bus while you hill climb your way up the valley of hills of this big city in bus driving games 2017. You need to do your offroad and city highway bus driving duty timely as fantastic parker. Avoid a collision with other extreme bus drivers. As a driver it’s your duty to handle big multiple buses carefully with city bus driving fun. Drive your hill tourist bus like a pro bus driver with extreme parker challenges. Bus hill climbing combined with coach driving is a new and adrenaline filled combination. Remember! Be careful with your driving and parking. Drive bus, chauffeur on hills with steep paths. Pick up tourist and dropping them to further hill stations or suburbs city in coach bus games.

Features of Hill Bus Extreme Parker:

– Adventurous Thrilling bus driving & parking.
– Sit in-front of steering wheel and go to extreme speed.
– Extreme bus driving with dangerous twist & Turns.
– Pick and drop tourist or passengers to their destinations.
– Real sim of wonderful bus driving with HD Graphics.
– smooth controls and realistic bus physics in coach bus games.

Experience fantastic offroad drive! As a bus driver you need drive off-road tourist bus in this extreme hill driving adventure and become hill driver. Adventurous off road and city highway bus driving and bus parker challenge is here with BUS DRIVING: EXTREME PARKING.

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Police Boat 3D: Crime Chase

After the great success of Police Dog Crime Chase, now Mas3DStudio has arrived with crazy police Boat Crime Chase in to add spark to police Boat games having the concept of boat driving games with the exciting boat drive. So, get ready to start the full strangle feat with police boat driving in one of the brand new police boat games with boat driving adventure to become a gallant police boat driver. 3D POLICE boat driving crime chase edition is definitely going to blow you away. Believe it! There has never been such a grand 3D police boat simulator.

The best action packed game on play store Police Boat Driving Crime Chase 3D, this police boat crime chase simulator game will charge your inner pursuit in this latest boat crime and gang chase simulation game. driving a luxury yacht and especially a police yacht is everyone’s dream. make your dream true with this beautiful and luxury police boat in this realistic police boat in the city crime chase game. you must have played police dog Ben crime chase, police horse stunts and crime chase game and other police horse and dogs crime training and chasing games but this game is launched with a unique idea of police boat crime chase game which is entirely different crime chase games as compare to all other police crime chase city games on the play store.

A police yacht like this is hard to get in real life unless you have won a lottery, but this free 3D boat game can you give the feeling of sail on the surface of ocean like a ship or cruise wandering around in sea. Your goal in this game is to set your target, drive and escape the dark ocean water and pilot your boat or yacht to kill the criminals. To catch the criminals in a sea you must be trained enough to pilot your boat one the rough and cruel surface of ocean especially taking your yacht out of the parking, controlling the speed and steering of the boat. its a bet you will find this boat crime chase game far better than all other boat parking and boat simulation games, as this game is not a simple boat simulator game, you will certainly enjoy the jumping speedy boat with a firing sound of machine gun on the criminals.

Police boat Crime Chase 3D: Crime Ocean or sea is absolutely going to entertain your inner police pursuit. You had never played such an awesome and stunning cop boat simulator. Boat crime chase is indeed an unbelievable crazy boat chase simulator for all those boys, girls and kids who love to have fun with a speedy boat windsurfing as a policeman, cop or police pursuit.

Reach enemy boats and take down with machine gun but avoid cross fire.

This speed boat simulator is for all ages, just download it now and have everlasting fun and adventure.

Game Features:

-Speedy police boat with machine gun.
-Kill or catch criminals.
-Awesome ocean and sea harbor environment
-Real and amazing sound effects
-High Quality 3D graphics and gameplay
-Realistic speedboat physics

Accept the challenge as a perfect police pursuit with speedy boat. Enjoy the Police boat Crime Chase.

This fascinating boat simulator is a unique game in 3D anroid games. Mas3Dstudio believes in delivering top quality entertaining games.
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Modern Police Dog Training

After the great success of Police Ben Dog Chase, now mas3dstudio proudly present modern police dog training in to add spark to police dog games.Having the concept of Police Dog training games with the new level of dog stunts. So, get ready to start the full smother adventure with police dog training in one of the brand new police dog games with dog training feat to become a valiant police dog trainer. MODERN POLICE DOG TRAINING edition is definitely going to impress you. Believe it! One of the best 3D dog simulator game or dog simulator for kids,boys and girls. So get ready to start the full action with a police dog in a new police dog games with police chase games thrill to become a daring sniffing and hunting dog simulator. MODERN POLICE DOG TRAINING

It’s a crazy training dog simulator for those who loves dog training. The game play is cop dogs training. All police dogs must become professional at basic acquiescence training. So, in this game you are going to train police german shepherd trainee dog. You as a trainee police dog suppose to jump, run, and pull off crazy fearless obstacles, avoid hitting anything within the given time. You objective is to chase and complete all 10 different daring and exciting levels in which you will face a variety of challenges. Imagine what does a police dog do while training? Jump through ring circles, and catches the criminals, cross over the nasty hurdles etc. So do the the same with your trainee dog. Run fast to complete all 10 fascinating missions. Amazing sounds and real dog animations are included. This dog animal simulator has been designed for all dog lovers. Just download it now and have fun!


Enjoy german shepherd trainee dog game.
Realistic dog jumps and stunt animations.
Breathtaking police dog training environment.
Fabulous feat levels with amazing dog.
Interesting dog barking sound effects with the stunts.
HD console level graphics with smooth game play.

Modern Police Dog Training is an action packed crime games with the best chasing jail break prisoners and catch the criminal in time.You must had experienced this kind of dog training games but this police dog training game will give you a unique experience. So get this game and start an unbelievable police dog games voyage with police dog training that’s waiting for you. Modern Police Dog Training is one of the best police dog games of this year. Train your dog for crime scenes in this dog simulator.

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Police Dog Ben Crime Chase

Here we come with a police dog in a solo police dog chase games, with the conception of theif vs police dog chase games having inspiring police and dog chase missions.
Get ready to kickoff the full accelerated action with a police dog in one of the spanking police dog games. with police dog chase adventure games to Become a sniffing, hunting and daring dog.

Police Dog Chase Crime: Crime Town is absolutely going to entertain your inner police pursuit. you had never played Such an aweful and stunning dog simulator. Dog crime chase is indeed an unbelievable crazy dog chase simulator for All Those boys, girls and kids who love to have fun with a trained german shephard dot as a policeman, cop or police pursuit.

With this police hunting do your actual mission is to chase the prisoners, robbers, criminals and thieves who ran away from the jail or trying to escape from police in the city shopping mall and running fast in the streets. as all or most or criminals know what a hound searching or a rescue dog can do, robbers, thieves and criminals will try to run away whenthey see a police man with a dog searching. An arrow will point out the location of the criminals but you have to run abruptly to catch them. control and hold down the conviction of crimes in the city of crime town.

This dog animal simulator is for all ages. just download it now and have everlasting fun and adventure.

Game Features
Police Trained German Shephard
hunting the two suspects in each level
awesome crime city shopping mall environment
amazing sound effects
High quality 3D graphics and gameplay

crime city shopping mall police chase dog would be the best game of 2015, it’s time to play games with the police chase hunting police dog for police chase missions. this unique dog chase simulator is the best game in all other police chase games.
Accept the challenge as a perfect police pursuit with trained hunting dog. Enjoy the Police Dog Crime Ben Chase.

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Angry Shark Hunting Revenge

Angry Blue shark Hunting revenge is amazing underwater fishing simulator game for boys and girls. Sharks are the most deadly sea predator. Do you like underwater fishing? The shark hunter dive underwater now and hunt shark, whale, and octopus in shark hunting game! They usually take part of diver in shark hunting games! This deadliest ocean monster creature is always angry for hunting more food,human, whale or fishes it can get. Hungry and angry sharks Jaws for deadliest killing and hunger attitude, monster sharp teeth and widely jaws attack. Angry Fish Predator Shark Creature is the best fish hunting and killer game of action category with shark revenge. On this game have amazing huge oceans , river, and mighty sea adventure of blue color. This Huge Tiger Shark Caught while Drift Fishing. Get ready to face the biggest dangerous shark attack with this Hungry Predator simulator game of 2017. This angry fishing shark shooting killer and hunting game is made for the lovers of shark hunting which gives you the real experience of this sea adventurous. Play as big giant killer shark of the seas & hunt down the innocent swimming people other fish hunting like whale, dolphin, octopus and other fishes. Trample down the all ocean and create ultimate rampage, hunting and chaos with huge terror and blood across the sea.

Human hunters are boating over surface to kill this sea monster with modern weapons make them scare with your jump attack without any mercy.

Experience the life of an angry shark in the deep dark seas searching for food where the survival only depends upon secretly searching and hunting your prey? This deep sea beast simulator will let you explore the dark blue sea where you will go on the underwater expedition as an angry shark killer and prey as a deadly sea beast. Some furious sniper hunters are there to hunt down sharks and their other species.

Angry Shark Hunting & Revenge is a great simulator 3d game in which you can play as a monster sea creature life. People are relaxing on island, beach and harbor.Some are swimming and using gadgets kill them and get food and energy.Remember blue shark is sea king and rule as you like. Control your angry shark with smooth simulator controls and play in real open sea.

This predator hunting simulator game is unique game for shark lovers.

Angry Shark Hunting Revenge and attack 3d features and content.

– Mighty big shark to attack in best fishing game.
– Smell of blood draws sea creatures from all around the ocean
– Amazing 3D Environment. Beach,island and harbor.
– Smooth intuitive simulator control with underwater fishing animations.
– Catch the killers by press the jump button and eat them in shark hunting game.
– Realistic shark hunting, blood & chaos.
– Beautiful sea water with sounds with shark simulator.

Play as an ANGRY SHARK HUNTING REVENGE and play until you have taken revenge.

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