Real Shepherd Dog Simulator

Experience one of the best Shepherded dog fighting games with awesome shepherded dog simulator 3D adventure. It’s a really fantastic germen shepherd simulator for those looking to have fun as a doggy. In this dog adventure game play as an ultimate shepherd dog and save your flock and farmland. You need to fight against enemy wolves to kill them with the wild dog simulator, german shepherd games 3d. It is a wild germen shepherd dog simulator with beautiful and realistic fights making it the best animal fighting games. Help the farmer by protecting farms and flock of sheep. You need to fight against enemy dogs to kill them with the wild dog simulator. Herd the sheep and take the flock to the grazing ground, so run madly to protect your farm and flock and fight with the wild wolves in this REAL SHEPHERD DOG SIMULATOR games 3D.
In this German shepherd simulator you have to act like a shepherd Dog and stop the sheep to enter into the fields. If sheep enter into the field, stay and eat some crops then you will be failed in the level of shepherd dog games 3d. Protect your flock from wild wolves’ attack by fight with hungry wolves so make sure not to lose any sheep. Fight wolves, chase away them and be an ultimate shepherd dog in this shepherd dog simulator. It’s your prime responsibility to bring back and sniff out the lost sheep after grazing ground. You also have to fight against the wild dogs to protect your flock. This ultimate shepherd dog simulator, german shepherd simulator is a real joy for those who love playing dog fighting games.

Key Features:-
Amazing 3D country side environment with realistic controls.
Fully trained German shepherd chase.
Stunning high quality 3D graphics.
Multiple missions, running, chasing & attacking shepherd dog simulator.

Download real shepherd Dog games and enjoy the ultimate experience of a professionally trained German shepherd simulator to chase wild wolves and dogs to protect the flock. Complete your multiple thrilling missions by controlling your shepherd dog simulator 3d and live life like a real shepherd dog.

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Crime Girl Car Theft

A new crime city game is here Girl Theft Car is a Game of Escape Plan from a highly secured Prison area of Police. Just have to steer your stolen car and try to avoid cops as long as possible but if police chase you in police chase games in cars, Shoot the cops and deliver your stolen car. Girl theft car & auto is the best simulator of mafia and criminal life in steal & snatching in this vice town. Girl Car theft 3D brings you to New Haven. a metropolis crime city that was once the pearl of the east coast of the United States. In auto vehicle theft games the last thing you like is to get into is a police chase games in cars, with real cops that will not care about your money problems. Drive through traffic in a police chase, at get into safety in time. Make sure the cops will not lock you up in Crime Girl Theft! best in vegas crime games.

Third person game play: car stealing, police shooting and driving are all for you, with the most powerful 3D engine. Do not waste time in waiting and parking your car at unnecessary locations because you don’t have much time . Help yourself in his escape as quickly as possible in vegas. This time it’s a woman to fight with cops and stealing expensive cars to make living. Remember!! Avoid from police chasing.

Features of Crime Girl Car Theft:

– Explore the crime city by car, truck or on foot with mafia game.
– Super simple and easy flexible controls and super advanced real physics engine.
– One and only traffic system with our own AI algorithm.
– Incredible strategic opportunities in car theft games.
– The best and unique police chase games in cars in the market.

Here is exciting car theft game with new opportunities.In this criminal underworld of the crime city steal cars and drive them. These thief jobs will get harder as a gangster girl. Find the car or your favorite auto for quick theft in the big town. Common Girls in Russia who have no money and a lot of thirst for adventure. Most gangster games are about shooting and killing people in Streets of Crime as a mafia girl. Girl theft is a unique auto steal game with realistic physics and perfect 3D graphics with a real-time control system in open world. As a Crime Girl are you going to take the opportunity in police chase games in car? Download free Crime Girl Car Theft – superb theft game among all vehicle snatching games.

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