The fidget ultimate hand spinner is perfect for kinesthetic and people who have trouble focusing. Use it to spin fast, slow, or flick it fast, it perfectly repeats the work of the real spinner on the bearing. Choose your favorite ultimate finger spinner, take the device in one hand, and another quickly rotate the finger spinner. Ideal for people who bite different subjects, smoke wipe, shake their feet and have other attention disorders. Thanks to good physics imitating the work of the bearing, the movement of the spinners’ spins looks smooth and real. At a high speed spinning the ultimate finger spinner a beautiful 3d effect appears. Choose your favorite spinner, Play and have fun with the beautiful spinning spinner on the bearing.

Ultimate Fidget Finger Spinner, A virtual representation of your hand fidget spinner This Ultimate fidget hand spinner simulator will help you to release your stress. It will make you relax. Just swipe to play and spin the Ultimate finger spinner. Swipe your finger as hard as you can to get high score. It is a toy for adults and children to spend time. You only need to spin this cool fidget hand finger spinner. Fidget spinner is also known as hand spinner and fidget cube game. This is a virtual version of the popular fidget finger spinner toy that you can play everywhere. Set yourself this hand spinner on your phone and twist as many as you want. This fidget finger spinner app includes a variety of skin friendly spinners with real physics of toy rotation.


Multiple types of awesome fidget spinners to choose.
Cool finger spinner animations
Saving best score and compete with your friends.
Share your score on Facebook, twitter, whatsapp or any other social network
Just use your finger to spin the fidget spinner! Have fun and get relax!

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