Werewolf Rampage City Battle 2018

Transform your wolf into huge werewolf in city battle game! Use claw blade to hunt and revenge against other wolf pack with the help of your clan of wolves and become werewolf alpha. Create massive werewolf rampage and chaos around the city. Fight in town with gangsters and evil aliens for city survival. Claws blade transform wolf hero with the multiple jungle and city battle missions is here in the most fascinating werewolf survival simulation game and werewolf simulator. Run free through the crime city and forest as a wolf during the night, or hunt deer and rabbits and protect your territory with the help of your clan as claws hero. Time to survive enemy invasion with this Werewolf Rampage: City Battle 2018! Story of wolf transformation city battle & jungle war.

Transform yourself into Wolf Super Hero or Werewolf:
In paramount of werewolf games, Get ready to clear the real city from all sorts of mafia and villains as with your wolf superhero with super transform skills. Start revenge battle, trample the whole city and create massive rampage with this werewolf city survival game.

Hunt as a Clan of Wild Wolves:
In this werewolf city battle simulator adventure! Hunt animals for food, but avoid predators, fight with the help of your clan become a hunting beast with werewolf games to where you can turn into werewolf and a person. This game combines elements of rampage style games with forest adventure and write your own werewolf hero survival simulator story.

Trampled Down the City & Create Rampage:
In werewolf simulator games you need beware the bandits and police shooters in the city. They are cruel and would kill you on sight. Convert yourself into human and show them your hidden powers and ample the revenge of werewolf! Keep your claws blade weapon alert and survive at all cost like a real wolf superhero or werewolf super hero. Show them your hidden werewolf attack powers as super werewolf avenger hero.

Fight against Villains & Mafia of Crime City:
In this action game you play as super Claws blade hero and transform into wild wolf to kill dangerous villains in the city and make possible wolf survival. Use your fantastic villain powers against the city police and create havoc around the town because on this way you can survive from cops in wolf hero revenge simulator.

Gameplay/Features of Werewolf City Rampage Future Battle
• Combines, hunt, fight as clans & jungle rampage with adventure.
• Ultimate battle with wild animals & in the city as werewolf survival hero.
• Werewolf warrior environment! Amazing HD gameplay & 3D graphics.
• Wolf claws hero vs super villains! Fight against other wild wolf & other jungle beasts.
• Fight with gangsters, thugs & police with wild wolf transformation feature as werewolf avenger.

Start brutal battle against villains of the grand crime city and become a werewolf revenge superhero or claw blade hero of 2018. Download Werewolf Rampage: City Battle 2018 now! Vertex of werewolf games. Adventure story about wolf super hero crime battle vs fantastic villains.