Wild Angry Cheetah Simulator

Wild Angry cheetah Simulator game is amazing 3D wild attack cheetah simulator game for boys and girls among other 3d wild attack and revenge simulator games. You must have played many hungry and angry white or blue sharks, tiger and other wild mammal games mammal attack games, but this 3d wild angry cheetah attack simulator game is unique in its game play. cheetahs are the most deadly and fastest aquatic creature and predator of wild life. This deadliest wild gigantic creature is always hungry for eating more meat, goat, human, deer, boar, bull, rhinos or wildlife animals it can get. Hungry cheetahs are very popular for deadliest bite and hunger attitude, fast running, sharp teeth and mighty jaws attack. They even attacks on other mini cubs and small animals, cheetah, Hammerhead, Mako, humpback, beer and Bull. An angry cheetah dash air attack can finish you with single deadly bite or with Paw attack. Feel the real challenge of hunting down your prey in this wild cheetah game or cheetah adventure 3d sim.
Play as crazy angry cheetah forest or jungle hunter; your task is to attack on the small pets like goat, dogs and birds in the city acting as wild terrorizes carnivore so you can take revenge as a hungry beast. cheetahs are the most dangerous monster in the wild life. All people and pets in the city are getting terrorized and scared of this carnivore angry cheetah, due to its angry hungry nature and deadly sharp teeth & jaws.

Try to Live the life of a wild Cheetah! run with your brisk speed to catch other wild or pet animals like deer, goat, pig, cow, horse or even fight with other cheetahs in the city! Expose the amazing hunting skills and catch your preys! Show your dodging and hunting skills to take revenge.

This ferocious jungle monster is not a loner animal they do not attack with the clan but an angry hungry cheetah attacks and preys alone. In past week hungry renegade wild cheetah packed attack on some people wandering in jungle. Before that the best attacks on people on the safari side. You will have to face 12 levels of angry cheetah’s evolution attack. Beware from this hungry cheetah sharp teeth and jaws. They also hunt and eat cheetah cubs in the jungle.

Even kids can also enjoy playing this fun hunting cheetah simulator game in Smartphone devices.


12 amazing challenging levels to check your revenge skills.
Real life animation for city and motions.
Smooth graphics and controls to take revenge.
Amazing background music to enhance your gaming experience.
HD and realistic graphics to boost your visual experience.